About Us


The Madison Area Arts Council, MAAC, is your dedicated voice and advocate of the Arts & Culture here within our community, and we’re excited to offer this online resource for the Madison, South Dakota Area.

Be sure to check out all of our features above, and information below, and discover for yourself all the opportunities available to you, our good friend and neighbor, and join us in building a strong and vibrant arts community, here in the Madison Area!

Mission Statement

The ongoing mission of the Madison Area Arts Council, is to highlight, feature, and promote the arts and artists within the Madison Area and surrounding communities through innovative community-oriented and community-accessible programming.

As a regionally recognized arts leader, comprised completely of volunteers, we seek to actively engage, challenge, and create lasting and meaningful dialogue and relationships within our diverse community.

Who we are

The Madison Area Arts Council is the oldest active recognized, and one of the most respected, arts councils in the State of South Dakota.

We’re a recognized 501c3 non-profit corporation, which is comprised of a talented collective of community members cooperatively working together and volunteering to foster and promote the Arts & Culture here in our own backyard.

A collective of passionate community leaders saw a need for a focused fine-arts organization, and thus The Community College Arts Association arose in a formal meeting on June 17, 1964, and was later officially incorporated on September 19, 1967.

In August of 1992, The Community College Arts Association officially became the Madison Area Arts Council as a way to better identify ourselves and our ongoing mission.

We actively serve the City of Madison, Lake County, and surrounding communities, comprising some 15,000 people within a 30 mile radius, and often beyond!

What we do

The Madison Area Arts Council continually strives to better serve the Arts & Cultural needs of our diverse community, through innovative and original programming.

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3rd Place Nights

Our Meetings

Our meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at 7pm at The BrickHouse Community Arts Center, which is located at 106 SE 2nd St, here in Madison.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate, and we’re always excited to see new faces, and even old ones too! This is your best opportunity to join our growing and dedicated volunteer team, and get involved in the Arts & Culture scene, here in the Madison Area.

Executive Board

Chris Francis – Executive Board President – Elected July 2009.
Emmeline Elliott – Executive Board Secretary – Elected July 2009.
Mary Francis (interim) – Executive Board Treasurer
Executive Board Members retain the voting rights for the organization, but will take public input from the assembly, as so far as their respective decisions. Each Executive Board Member serves a continuous 3 yr term, which can be renewed.

Contact Information

Madison Area Arts Council – 820 N Washington Ave, Madison, South Dakota 57042 – Please direct all correspondence to this address.
The BrickHouse Community Arts Center – 106 SE 2nd St, Madison, South Dakota 57042 – Not our mailing address.
Email – contact@madisonareaartscouncil.org
If you would like to contact us via telephone or fax, please email us at contact@madisonareaartscouncil.org, and we’ll do our best to meet your request.
Office Hours…
We currently do not maintain organizational office hours, since we’re comprised completely of dedicated volunteers. If you would like to contact us, please direct your correspondence to one of the following routes, listed above. We’re quite easy to find afterall.

Our Memberships

South Dakotans for the Arts

Grants and Awards

We do successfully apply for a number of programming related grants from the South Dakota Humanities Council as well as the Artist in Our Schools and Communities (AISC) grant opportunities from the South Dakota Arts Council. However, we need your continued support to directly cover our related costs for these ongoing efforts, which are often half of the costs for these grant opportunities.

We’re constantly working on a number of these grant opportunities and related projects to secure funding for our ongoing programming efforts. If you’re interested in assisting in this process, as part of our Grants & Funding Committee, please contact us at contact@madisonareaartscouncil.org.

Sponsorships & Support

Visit our Support feature for more about these continued and ongoing efforts.

The Madison Area Arts Council, along with all of our programming, is sustained and funded by our generous supporters and the ongoing support of the City of Madison, South Dakota.