Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council

The Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council, a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization, is a public/private coalition of organizations from industry, public land managing agencies, professional resource managers, loggers, conservation education organizations and others interested in sound management on Wisconsin’s woodlands. Founded in 1985, the Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council is dedicated to creating better public understanding of good forest management practices and encouraging family-owned forest owners to begin applying management principles to their forested properties.

The Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council conducts or cosponsors landowner workshops for woodland owners within a number od counties each year, providing details on the resource management information and services available to landowners in each of those counties. The information provided focuses on who can help the landowner with technical, financial, and educational assistance.

This website is here to provided assistance to individual landowners who learn of the Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council through some other means — the media, friends, literature, etc. — and who desire information and assistance in managing their woodlands.

Listings of who to contact for assistance in specific counties, are provided in the County Addendums.

The Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council also offers additional educational and informational assistance to landowners who are already managing their woodlands. Our income tax guidance program is a good example of this, providing timely information on the income tax treatment of forestry investments to forest landowners and their advisors.

Our Goal is to be the “landowner’s first step to healthy, productive forests.” How may we help you?

Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council
Geary N. Searfoss, Executive Director
8A. West Davenport Street
P.O. Box 1375
Rhinelander, Wisconsin 54501-1375

Phone: (715) 369-3475
Email: wfpc@newnorth.net