John C. Green Chautauqua Series Summary

Chautauqua Series Summary

John Green brings audience to the riverside

Emmeline Elliott

Madison painter John C. Green spent an hour and a half entertaining his audience with stories and painting techniques Saturday as part of the Madison Area Arts Council Chautauqua Series.

His demonstration took place in the Jerald A. Tunheim Classroom Building Auditorium at Dakota State University. The program was free and open to the public. A reception was held afterward.

Green had the background of a painting started when he began working on a riverside scene that included hills and trees, and later added a deer to the picture. Attendees registered to win the painting. Green pulled Carol White’s name, of Madison, as the winner.

Green gave several tips and tricks of painting during the demonstration. One of his first concerns of a painting is its light source, he said. Green also showed off a broken-handled brush his wife, Terri, gave him that he continues to use.

“Sometimes the oldest brushes can be the best tools,” Green said, because they can add a unique texture or impression.

He recalled experiences with his father and how he only allowed his children to use the colors red, blue and yellow for many years so they would learn how to mix paints.

Green showed the audience of 60 his technique of how to get the glossy reflection on water by wetting the canvas with his brush and smudging the colors. He said to be aware of the elements that affect the water’s reflection, such as the sky color and what surrounds the water.

“Art is an adventure and if you have an imagination you can go anywhere you want,” Green said.

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  1. Wish you hadn’t missed out on an amazing John Green original by staying at home? Well, we believe in second chances, so stay tuned for your second chance, as John will return for another Chautauqua Series in 2011.

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